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Motorola GP328

Motorola Used Two-Way Radio - GP328 Portable Radio-12 months warranty!

The Motorola GP328 Two-way radio is a guaranteed, proven and reliable solution which can seamlessly adapt to your remaining two way system. It has been designed to suit a range of industries including: casinos, hospitality, hotels, security and entertainment.

The GP328 Portable Two-Way Radio was the cornerstone of portable radios for the commercial radio industry and has been for 20 years. The GP328 is the practical Two-Way radio solution for professionals who need to stay in contact.

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  • Key Features

    • Proven reliability
    • Seamlessly adapt with existing systems
    • Simple and effective communication solution
    • Tough, rugged and practical
    • Expandable Voice Storage Board 2 Minutes Recording
    • Tone Tagging Allows 8 Different Ringing Tones
    • MDC Signalling at 1200 Bits Per Second
    • Built-In Voice-Activated Feature (VOX)
    • Signalling: Quick Call II, DTMF
    • Switchable RF Power Levels
  • Technical Specifications

    • Dimensions: 57.5mm x 137mm x 37.5mm
    • Weight: 420g
    • Operating Temperature: -20°„C to +55°„C
    • Frequency Range: UHF 403 - 470MHz & VHF 136 ®C 174MHz
    • Power Output: 5 Watts
    • Battery Power: 1600mAh Ni-Mh

  • What's In The Box

    • Brand New Radio Shell and Packaging
    • Refurbished GP328 Portable Two Way Radio x 1
    • 1600mAh Ni-MH Battery x 1 (Optional Li-ion 2200mAh)
    • Single Unit Charger x 1
    • Belt Clip x 1
    • Antenna x 1
    • Earpiece - Optional
    • Warranty: Radio x 12 Months & Accessory x 6 Months

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Your Reliable Choice of Used Two-way Radios